STEAM - The Book
Babcock & Wilcox is a renowned market leader in the steam generation industry. In fact, B&W wrote the book on steam. The 40th edition of Steam is now available as the most comprehensive information on steam generation
Now in its 40th edition, published in December 1992, its more than 1,000 pages are broken down into nine sections. The book begins with a 17-page Introduction to Steam and eight Selected Color Plates (illustrations).

All boiler professionals will want to have this major revision of the classic guide to installing, operating, and maintaining boilers in industrial, commercial, and other facilities. Fully explains changes to the ASME Boiler Code and the latest technological advances in the field, including new materials. Helps prepare for oral and written license tests and includes question and answers.
Water Treatment Essentials for 
Boiler Plant Operation

This practical book offers clear, authoritative information on the basics of water treatment for a wide variety of plant equipment. Operators, engineers, technicians, and managers will learn the fundamentals of boiler room equipment operation, dealing with problems encountered when using water with associated equipment, methods for solving these problems, and basic engineering information associated with water treatment. With a minimum of theory, the book covers cooling towers, boilers, steam boilers, pretreatment of water, and corrosion.


Low Pressure Boilers 
Covers ASME code requirements, Boiler fittings, feedwater, steam, water treatment and more.
High Pressure Boilers
Information on the safe and efficient operation of high pressure boilers and related equipment, specifically designed for use in obtaining a boiler operator's license.
Boiler Operator's Workbook
Boiler Theory, operation, maintenance and safety in a question and answer format-excellent for individual self study.
Boiler Control
The 2nd Edition places significant emphasis on start-up, shut-down, flame monitoring, and safety interlock measures. Designed for professionals with a good understanding of boiler jargon, thermodynamics, control concepts, and math fundamentals. 
This new, full-color text describes components and operation of boiler systems used in hotels, apartment buildings, schools, and other large institutions. It includes hot water heating systems and the latest information on equipment and procedures.

Analysis and Design of Energy Systems includes a large number of realistic examples and problems, with an emphasis on problem formulation and solution, not programming, and on component details. Topics are developed from the basics. This edition includes MathCad as the arithmetic engine, and Math Cad worksheets are included for every procedure in the book. Useful for practicing engineers as a reference book, particularly for reference for piping systems, pumps, and heat exchangers.

Combustion modeling review, April 7, 2000
This book is an excellent introduction to the science of combustion, and contains a detailed and upto-date bibliography, pointing the interested reader in the right direction. It also contains one of the most complete tables of kinetic data for combustion reactions.

A reference for identifying the quantity and quality of industrial waste energy that may be economically practical to recover. Presents detailed heat and material balances developed from the process flow diagrams of 108 industrial processes, with technical input from consultants and manufacturers, and on-site verification studies

Addressed to corporate managers who initiate investment decisions, and to engineers and attorneys involved in their implementation. Explains the legal, economic, organizational, and technical aspects of a company generating its own electricity and selling any surplus to the public grid. Essentially provides a framework for constructing a feasibility study.

A joint effort of three continents, this book is about rational utilization of the fossil fuels for generation of heat or power. It provides a synthesis of two scientific traditions: the high-performance, but often proprietary, Western designs, and the elaborate national standards based on less advanced Eastern designs; it presents both in the same Western format. It is intended for engineers and advanced undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in steam power plants, burners, or furnaces.

Power-Plant Control & Instrumentation: The Control of Boilers & Heat-Recovery Steam Generator Systems (HRSGs)
Boiler Plant & Distribution System Optimization Manual
Boiler Plant and Distribution System Optimization Manual
All kinds of reports and research papers that are relevant for the power-industry.