Bridge Building Initiative
'Successful Knowledge transfer to the Industry' is the single most important objective with which India Boiler dot Com have taken all initiatives since its inception in the year 2000.

Knowledge and Advanced skills are the essential strategic resources of our age that every organization need, to get the competitive edge in the present market scenario. In our country, a large number of industries, especially those remotely located, typically face great obstacles in accessing new technology and best practices. The main problems are the relative isolation of individual firms with respect to external sources of knowledge and advanced skills.

For the last nearly 15 years, the common knowledge sharing platform created by India Boiler dot Com has helped to connect a large number of expert professionals who have gathered invaluable experience during their lifetime in serving the industry. The platform also connects numerous organizations across the country, who are regularly getting the benefit of this common collaborative resources.

But in order to overcome the geographical limitation of reaching many of these organizations, a major part of our initiatives were taken through internet. Due to this limitation, many industries located at various corners of our country in isolation could not get connected to this platform. This is especially true for the small and medium scale industries where either internet connectivity or working knowledge of net interaction amongst their professionals is still a limitation. Whereas, there are more need of knowledge, expertise and building awareness for numerous SMEs.

We are now going to take this knowledge hub directly at selective locations and build a bridge for all these isolated industries to join the main network. This is going to be a win-win situation even for the large scale industries located in those regions.

We are starting this new initiative by arranging various activities at these selective locations and stimulate awareness on fundamental issues like Safety, Energy management, Environmental Management etc.
Forming the Nodal Points
Our mission can only be fulfilled when we can correctly assess the need of every industry. For this we will identify and invite the industry leaders of the respective zones to get connected as mentors. Soon these platforms would become the nodal points of the network representing that zone. The role of these mentors would be to assess the need of the industries of each zone and bring them to the main platform.

We are going to take such initiatives to create a number of nodal points to bring different clusters of SMEs from various locations, first in Gujarat, and subsequently from other states.

Our vision is to bring all the Industries of our country (including SMEs) to a single knowledge sharing platform from where everyone can get the benefit of the combined resources of the industry.