India Boiler dot Com offers complete Boiler system audit for Power Plant, Utility and Process industries for identification Performance and Reliability improvement opportunities.
We are also offering consultancy services for various troubleshooting in your boiler system.

Mission: To identify opportunities of improvement in your Boiler and Water Treatment System to reduce production cost and increase equipment reliability with zero Capex addition.

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Our Services

The bellow services are offered for Pulverized Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant Boilers, AFBC/ CFBC Utility Boilers, Oil/ Gas fired Utility and Process Boilers.

A. Performance and Reliability Audit:

1.   Combustion performance analysis of boilers

2.   Combustion optimization

Performance and Reliability Audit

Performance and Reliability Audit

3.   Assessment of controllable losses and train the operation personnel how to reduce the same

4.   Assessment of the Reliability of various pressure parts and analysing the operating parameters and suggesting corrective measures

5.   Identification of unsafe conditions in the system and its correction

6.   Complete audit of the chemical treatment system and optimizing chemical use

Performance and Reliability Audit

Performance and Reliability Audit

7.   Complete audit of Softening/RO/DM plant and suggest remedies, whether it is in equipment or operation and maintenance

8.   Design suitable chemical treatment, educate and train the operators and chemists the rationale behind chemical treatment and about best practices

B. Trouble-shooting services:

1.   Cause analysis and suggesting preventive measures for repetitive boiler pressure parts failures

Trouble-shooting services

Trouble-shooting services

Trouble-shooting services

2.   Cause analysis and suggesting corrections against deviation from normal parameters like:

     High stack temperature
     High LOI
     High Metal Temperature / Attemperation spray
     Low reheat temperature
     Water Chemistry disturbance

Activities & Deliverable


Audits are carried out on site and usually take 3-5 days, and they cover the following stages:

     Kick off meeting with O&M team
     Collection of site data and detail study of the system parameters

     Analysis and assessment of the system condition
     Sign off presentation to team
     Final report and recommendation

Combustion Optimization

Combustion Optimization:

After site visit, data acquisition and analysis, we suggest few trials with our recommended changes. The trial results are filled in the Combustion Optimization software at our website. We monitor the results from our location and suggest further adjustment. Final report along with cost benefit analysis is submitted after we achieve optimization.

Failure Root Cause Analysis and Preventions:

     Physical inspection of failed tubes

     NDT and Metallographic analysis to ascertain damage mechanism

     Detail study of the system conditions

     Final report and recommendation

Failure Root Cause Analysis and Preventions

Failure Root Cause Analysis and Preventions

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